Date/Time/Location Ideas

This is the page to add your ideas regarding where and when to hold the conference. I'm tenatively offering to host one at my school in the Denver Metro area, but everything is up for discussion.

Late September? Very early October? gives people time to incorporate the ideas immediately. I like the late September idea, but does that give people enough time to get plans made? (weather less of a problem, not in conflict with other events?)

January(would it be interesting to hold it at the same time as the Philly bloggercon or not?).

I think January would be time enough to plan something, and it would be handy to tie into another event -- I guess I'm scared about august or September because they're too soon and the folks that we'd want to come would be in the worst part of back to school. -- Bud Hunt

FETC is Jan 22-25.. TCEA feb 4-8.some of us might be attending those or presenting. Earlier or later January? or later February?

Early in the school year would be difficult. I think time is needed to get it planned. I like the early January or late February idea. I could potentially host it at my school as well.